Cost Avoidance Programs

$365 Wellness Program

$365 of Daily Living Habits is an employee wellness incentive program offered exclusively through IHP ll Powered by AmWINS. The $365 of Daily Living Habits is designed to promote health and wellness among members. The program offers a financial incentive of $365 based on achieving specific milestones.

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prescription assistance

IHP ll Powered by AmWINS provides a Prescription Assistance Program, allowing members to receive financial planning support when dealing with high-cost prescriptions. Members receive a personal advocate who reviews their situation and provides guidance regarding all of the various pricing resources available.


The IHP ll Powered by AmWINS Telemedicine Program, through MeMD, is one of the most convenient and cost-effective programs that employers can offer members.

Telehealth allows you to reach a medical provider by phone, app or webcam when access to yoru regular doctor is not available.

Our national network of board-certified, licensed internal medicine and emergency room physicians diagnose illnesses, recommend treatment and prescribe medications for members over the telephone or through secure bi-directional video and email.

Benefits to our members include:

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Out-of-Pocket Savings

Consultations are FREE!

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Quality Care

24/7/365 access to board-certified, licensed emergency room and internal medicine physicians.

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Continuity of Care

Real-time access to medical records and the ability to send them to your primary care physician or another care coordinator.

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Electronic Medical Records

Upload, store and send medical record information to other providers as needed.

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