Plan & Network Management

IHP ll Powered by AmWINS delivers unmatched cost control and transparency to employers with 51+ employee lives. We take a hands-on approach, gathering biometric data from a client’s population and implementing the appropriate wellness and disease management plans. Because of this, employees are healthier, potential large claims are mitigated and employers enjoy stable, predictable healthcare costs.

With IHP ll Powered by AmWINS, employers receive:

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Level Monthly Premiums

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Detailed Monthly Performance Reports

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Real Control of Rising Healthcare Costs

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Comprehensive Care Management and Wellness Programs

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Employer Receives a Return of Surplus

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IHP ll Powered by AmWINS combines the security and benefits of a fully insured product with the cash savings benefits of a self-funded plan.

Level funding and our Hybrid provider Network

IHP ll offers a level funded plan design which allows clients to pay level monthly premiums and receive 100% of unused claims funds. With our Reference-Based Pricing Solution, clients also receive maximum savings on facility claims, which notoriously contain many of the highest dollar claims employers pay.

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Level Funded Plan Design: Level funded plans take the complexity and unpredictability out of self-funding and eliminate the loss of claims dollars from a fully insured plan. This combination allows IHP ll clients to pay level monthly premiums but receive 100% of unused claims funds.

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Hybrid Provider Network: IHP ll provides a unique hybrid medical network to maximize provider access and savings. This network arrangement separates facilities and physicians into their own categories, which ensures members continue to have access to the doctors they currently use through their PPO network and employers are able to significantly reduce facility and hospital costs through Reference-Based Pricing.

Claims Administration

From receipt and eligibility to negotiation and payment, we handle the entire claims administration process. Completely centralized, all claims, medical management, PPO network management and billing is managed through IHP ll, allowing us to provide you with flexible and quick service with a personalized touch.

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FSA and HRA Administration

Nobody knows more about saving benefits dollars than IHP ll Powered by AmWINS. We help you develop and administer Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Reimbursement Accounts – tax-effective choices for managing health-related expenses to reduce both employer and member healthcare expenses.