Healthcare costs continue to rise, making effective solutions more difficult for employers and employees alike. To help businesses keep insurance costs low and ensure members receive the quality care they deserve, Innovative Health Plan II Powered by AmWINS offers comprehensive employee benefits management services. Thanks to our customized offerings, cost-cutting partnerships, and proprietary solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind that you and your employees receive the greatest benefit for your healthcare investment.

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Plan and Network Management

When employees are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy, companies experience greater productivity and success. Innovative Health Plan II offers self-funded group health insurance plans tailored to your member population that make healthcare benefits more affordable and effective for all parties. We’re committed to transparency, communication, and a hands-on approach that begins with an assessment of your member population’s biometric data. By understanding which individuals are at the highest risk for the costliest conditions, our team can reduce high-cost claims and keep healthcare expenses stable.

Benefits of our plan and network management solutions include:

  • Consistent monthly premiums
  • A hybrid provider network with Reference-Based Pricing
  • Centralized claims administration

We also offer Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) administration to help reduce healthcare spending for all.

Medical Management

Every employer faces unique challenges when it comes to managing plan costs. Beyond understanding how to maximize benefits and minimize expenses, our medical management solutions identify conditions that may be successfully managed through lifestyle changes, education, and clinical intervention. A dedicated team of registered nurses, board-certified medical directors, and practicing physicians participate in utilization reviews to understand how members use your plan and where savings are possible. Our team relies on national medical guidelines to ensure proper utilization of care and provides guidance to help patients and providers find the most cost-effective solutions.

Prevention plays a key role in reducing healthcare-related expenses as well. Our disease management services identify individuals at high risk for conditions that require costly treatment and provide actionable solutions for effective management. We also offer case management services that offer pre-authorization and continuous review, monitor services to ensure maximum effectiveness, and negotiate with out-of-network providers.

High-Tech Benefits Administrative Systems

Healthcare costs don’t end with treatment. Excessive plan administration tasks put a drain on human resource teams, requiring additional labor and time. Innovative Health Plan II eliminates this hassle with our advanced, secure online databases for employers and members. These portals make it easy to access, manage, and share health data with self-administered services to save effort and resources.

Clients also enjoy consolidated billing and powerful reporting functions that make it easy to see spending trends and opportunities for care improvement in real-time. You’ll find opportunities for planning, cost containment, and clinical intervention to reduce unnecessary spending.

Cost-Avoidance Programs

Innovative Health Plan II offers several cost-avoidance programs designed to eliminate excessive costs and improve member access to care. These include:

  • Prescription assistance: Team members receive support from a personal advocate with resources for affording high-cost medications.
  • Telemedicine via MeMD: When a member’s regular doctor is unavailable, MeMD offers access to board-certified, licensed internal medicine and emergency care physicians who can diagnose, provide treatment plans, and even write prescriptions via phone, email, or video chat at no cost to members.

Explore Employee Benefits Management Services

Excessive healthcare costs diminish profits and can result in lost productivity and poor employee well-being. To learn more about how our employee benefits management services can help you save money and ensure access to quality care, contact Innovative Health Plan II today at our headquarters in Connecticut.